Ok, so these were a long time coming, I have been very remiss of late when it comes to posting, especially since this is a new blog and all, but still, better late than never, here are some photos from my holiday in Rome. I miss the eternal city so so so much, I wish I was still there. After coming back I was totally shocked by the crappy nature of Warsaw coffee and pseudo-Italian cuisine. Seriously, the cappuccinos here are watery and the pizza is doughy. I think I might just have to abstain from Italian food until I am able to visit Italy again, but coffee I cannot give up, hence this morning’s watery medium, double-espresso, nonfat, extra hot cappuccino to go from coffee heaven (which actually has quite good coffee, in comparison with other chains – too bad it hasn’t branched out to western europe, I genuinely think it could more than compete with Starbucks) Okay, now time for the photos…

These are on the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Colosseum – aka the biggest, hottest tourist traps the city has to offer:



As for the fashion side the dress is by Mango, the shoes are Kazar and the bag is Topshop.

Oh, and a word of advice: if you ever find yourself visiting the Forum Romanum in full midday heat – take my advice and don’t wear a black dress with an underskirt – you will regret it.

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