Came across some photos from the Italian trip, precisely from Verona, which I wanted to share. Now Verona is famous for one thing basically – Romeo and Juliet. Ok those are two things. And it’s amazing how much money the town has been able to make off these two characters who never even lived there, and how many tourists flock yearly to see Juliet’s balcony/tomb. Seriously, I don’t think any two inexistent people have ever attracted as much tourist attention in the history of humanity. Still, Verona is a very beautiful town and if one just turns a blind eye to the slight kitschiness of the whole Romeo and Juliet market, you can find many charming corners to explore in the little streets surrounding the Roman amphitheatre – which is the second-best preserved in the world after the Colosseum and regularly hosts operatic performances, plays and concerts. So anyway, here are the pictures, I didn’t have the chance to take many, since we were only there for about two hours, but still…


Above: Yes, I am a conformist crazy person, who did indeed have her picture taken on ‘Juliet’s balcony’, which was never actually her balcony, but seems to be the oldest balcony people can find in Verona to associate her with.


Above: The weirdest tradition of sticking gum to the walls around Juliet’s house. Interesting and gross at the same time.


Above: A roman soldier standing guard in front of the amphitheatre.


Above: One of the gorgeous streets of Verona, with me wearing a beautiful but invisible in this picture Zara dress and my favourite also sadly invisible honey-coloured sandals by some fairly unknown Italian designer, whose name I don’t recall. And to think I wanted this to be a fashion blog – I must concentrate more on the clothes in future posts…

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